Humans. We’re lazy. We also like things to be aesthetically pleasing. OK, Maybe that’s just me.

As a developer who frequently works with JSON I don’t like seeing a try catch each time JSON is handled in JavaScript, particularly in the realm of Node.js. That’s why I wrote safejson; a tiny JavaScript utility to parse JSON using Node.js style async callbacks. It’s compatible with browsers and Node.js environments. Win win!

Using try/catch works fine.

try {
  return callback(null, JSON.parse(str))
} catch (e) {
  return callback(e, null);

But this is much nicer!

safejson.parse(SOME_STRING, callback);

How about JSON.stringify? Yup.

safejson.stringify(SOME_JSON, function(err, jsonstr) {
  if(err) return callback(err, null);

  doAnotherAsyncOp(jsonstr, callback);

It also accepts all the regular arguments that can be passed to the parse and stringify functions which is an added bonus and pretty useful.